Katrien Dreessen graduated in Communication Sciences at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel on a Master’s thesis concerning an analysis of an online consultation initiative in Flanders, within the context of e-democracy.

After working at SMIT research group, she became part of the Social Spaces research group of LUCA School of Arts, located in Genk (BE). She is currently involved in ‘De Andere Markt’ and as coordinator of FabLab Genk, she is very much interested in the wider role of these open makerspaces in society. Katrien also teaches at the communication and media design program of LUCA School of Arts, campus C-mine.

Over the years, Katrien was involved in several projects (a.o. Bespoke Design, Mobile Design Lab, FabLabs in the border region, WZC for elderly care, Creating Spaces, Open Garments) that are situated on the intersection of design research, maker culture and/or healthcare. Currently, she is conducting a PhD research on the idea of infrastructuring in FabLabs or how long-term participation of other groups than the traditional makers in these open production spaces can be stimulated and achieved.